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Keeping our landfills and environment free of hazardous materials is one of our goals. Everyone should recycle light bulbs, ballast, and batteries to keep toxic materials like mercury and lead from endangering our land, water, and air. It’s our responsibility to care for our Earth!

Why Recycle?
Lights - Fluorescent and HID lamps (as well as some types of neon) contain mercury. These lamps are considered to be hazardous wastes. Most states ban these lamps from solid waste incineration or disposal. Please check local regulations for your area.

Ballast - Ballast containing PCB’s (polychlorinated biphenyls) cannot be conventionally disposed of in most states. About 25% of non-PCB ballast contains DEHP (di-2-ethyhexyl-phthalate) which is classified by the EPA as a hazardous substance. Ballast of this type should not be disposed of at solid waste landfills; they are processed at recycling facilities. HID Ballast are stripped & recycled.

Batteries - Batteries that contain Mercury, Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Iron, Lead Acid, Hydride, Lithium Ion, Carbon Zinc, Silver Oxide, Zinc Carbon, and Mercuric Oxide, are not permitted in the solid waste disposal systems in most states. These batteries are processed at recycling facilities to meet state and federal regulations.

Florida Recycling

Florida Bulb & Ballast
offers a recycling program for our Florida clients. Help keep our landfills and environment free from hazardous materials by recycling all of your bulbs, ballasts, and batteries.

Follow these simple steps to recycle light bulbs, ballast, and batteries:

  1. Set-up a recycle bin for the item(s).
  2. Place used, unbroken items in bins.
  3. When container is full, seal shut & label quantity on outside of box.
  4. Contact Florida Bulb & Ballast for pick-up (Call (321) 259-7882 or email:
  5. Florida Bulb & Ballast will send an invoice for payment.

Recycling Pricing

Lights     Batteries  
4” Fluorescent:
$ 0.14 ft.   Lead Acid, Sealed Lead:
$ 0.89 lbs.
8’ Fluorescent:
$ 0.14 ft.   Alkaline, Nickel Cadmium:
$ 0.95 lbs.
U-Bend Fluorescent Tubes:
$ 0.92 ea.   Mercuric Oxide, Zinc:
$ 5.50 lbs.
Compact Fluorescent:
$ 0.65 ea.   Recycling Boxes  
HID Lamps:
$ 2.25 ea.   4’ Box: $3.00 each
HID Ballast:
$ 1.00 ea.   8’ Box: $6.00 each