Florida Lighting Services

Design, Installation, Maintenance

We not only provide our clients with the best in lighting, we also help in the design, installation, and maintenance of those same great products through our service division, Florida Lighting Services. (license #ET0000296)

With experience in installation and service of a variety of building and property types for our clients, we ensure that lighting and fixtures not only provide proper lighting for the environment but also meet the many and diverse federal, state and local building codes and regulations for interior and exterior lighting in commercial, industrial and retail locations.

Whether you need new lighting, would like to upgrade to save money on your utility costs, or just need to maintain your current systems, we're your single-source contact for all your lighting needs.

Florida Lighting Services provides:

  • Individualized customer support.
  • Complete lighting designs for commercial, industrial, and retail buildings and property.
  • Energy audits to determine potential energy and maintenance savings, and return on investment, through new or upgraded systems.
  • Photometric lighting layouts for new installations.
  • Installation and maintenance of exterior lighting systems for parking lots, building illumination, landscaping, and security, and interior space and accent lighting for offices, retail locations, and warehouses.

We can also provide you with:

  • Monthly night checks.
  • Road and building sign repair.
  • Light meter readings for Federal Safety compliance.

Visit our Online Product Store for a listing of the products we can install, from light poles to LED lights, and fixtures to accessories.

Florida Lighting Services is a licensed, bonded, and insured lighting maintenance company.